How to Make a Pinwheel for July 4th

Make a whimsical red, white and blue pinwheel to celebrate the Fourth.

Patriotic Pinwheels

You'll need:
2 12" x 17" sheets of Fun Foam, one red and one white (available at Michael's stores)
4 sheets of 12" x 12" blue and white striped scrapbook paper
Glue stick
Small hole punch
Large paper fastener
3/8-inch wooden dowel, 48" long
Glue gun

1. Start by cutting out two red triangles and two white triangles. For each triangle, measure two 12-inch sides using a corner of the Fun Foam as the starting point (using the corner assures you of getting a perfect, 90-degree angle). Using a ruler, draw a line connecting the two sides, forming the hypotenuse of the triangle. Cut along the hypotenuse.

2. Measure and cut four triangles with 10-inch sides out of the scrapbook paper, following the instructions above.

3. Center each scrapbook paper triangle on top of a Fun Foam triangle and glue in place.

4. To form the pinwheel, take each triangle and place it in front of you on the table so that the hypotenuse is directly in front of you. Use the hole punch to make a hole in the corner on your right, and the center corner (where the 90-degree angle is located). Without making a crease, fold the corner on your right to the center corner, lining up the holes. Insert the paper fastener through the holes, from front (decorated side) to back. Repeat for each triangle, alternating colors as you work.

5. Secure fastener by flattening the ends in opposite directions. Center the stick on the backside of pinwheel and adhere with hot glue.