How to Make a Snow Globe

Transform empty food jars into adorable winter wonderland snow globes.

Signature snow globes

1. Select a jar that has approximately the same height and width.

2. Clean it thoroughly inside and out.

3. Make the lid white or any color you wish using enamel paint; let dry.

4. Working on the inside surface of the lid, arrange sisal trees and deer (both available at and adhere with a hot-glue gun.

5. Use a paintbrush to apply ornamental snow ( around base of tree.

6. Do not spread snow all the way to the edge, or the lid will not screw back on the jar properly.

7. Let dry. Seal the scene with a coat of clear acrylic spray (

8. Let dry; repeat twice.

9. Fill jar with distilled water and add a drop of glycerine (available at drugstores) and a pinch of glitter.

10. Screw lid on securely and wrap with thin ribbon.

11. Flip the jar over and watch it snow!