How to Paint a Patio Chair

Save your old patio chair (and some money) by painting on a fresh new look.

How to paint


  • Sandpaper 
  • Patio chair (22" W x 261/4" D x 333/4" H, Garden Treasures, $40; 
  • 1½" W, ½" W and ¼" round paintbrushes 
  • Outdoor paint in white, orange and blue


  1. Use sandpaper to scuff up chair surface, allowing paint to adhere better.
  2. Using largest brush, paint a white vertical stripe down center of chair’s back and down seat. Paint two more vertical stripes about 6" out from either side of center stripe. All three stripes should be approximately same distance apart.
  3. Paint a horizontal stripe across center of chair’s back, then paint one above and below it, spacing them equally. Repeat on seat. Be sure to wrap stripes around edges of chair. Allow stripes to dry.
  4. Using orange paint and ½" brush, paint stripes down middle of each white stripe, remembering to wrap around sides. Let dry.
  5. Using blue paint and smallest brush, paint horizontal and vertical stripes about 1/3" to one side of orange stripes (pick the same side for all stripes). Extend vertical blue stripes from the chair back down the seat. Remember to wrap these stripes as well.
  6. Allow to dry completely before using.