Make Hanging Star July 4th Decorations

These simple star-shaped ornaments make festive July 4th decorations.

Homemade 4th of july decorations: fun and easy paper crafts!


  • 11" x 17" or 12" x 18" sheet construction paper or two-sided scrapbook paper or two-sided color copies of fabric
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (or butter knife)
  • Pushpin
  • Monofilament or ribbon
  • Tape
  • Small hole punch

  1. For large star, measure and cut paper to 10" x 16"; for small star, cut paper to 7" x 12".
  2. Lay paper on table, with a short edge near you. Starting with edge nearest you, accordion-fold paper. For large star, make each pleat 1"; for small star, make each pleat ¾". Use bone folder to smooth each crease. Continue until entire sheet is folded (last pleat should face same direction as first). Trim excess.
  3. Holding folds closed, use a pushpin to make a hole through midpoint. Thread a short length (about 4") of monofilament through hole and knot tightly. Trim loose ends
  4. Still holding folds closed, cut each end at a 45-degree angle to make starlike points.
  5. Fan out folds to form a circle. Tape edges together.
  6. Punch a hole at top of star, ½" from edge. Thread monofilament or ribbon through and hang.