How to Make Candy Bottle Rockets for July 4th

Give bottle rockets the kid treatment by crafting them out of red, white and blue candy.

candy bottle rockets


  • Kitchen shears
  • Red and blue Airheads candies
  • Red, white and blue Life Savers Gummies
  • Small funnel or paper cone
  • Red, white or blue straws (big enough to fill with Pop Rocks and small enough to fit snugly into Life Savers' holes)
  • Pop Rocks

1. Using shears, cut Airheads into 2 1/2" strips. Twist into cone shapes. Trim bottom so edges are even.

2. Poke a small piece of a Life Savers Gummies candy into each straw bottom. With funnel or cone, fill straws with Pop Rocks. Use small pieces of Life Savers Gummies to "cork" tops of straws once they have been filled.

3. Stack assorted red, white and blue Life Savers Gummies (or regular Life Savers) on straws. A cone-shaped Airheads on top, resting cones on tips of straws.

4. To display your colorful DIY confections, insert them in a cup or small bucket filled with sugar.

Source: Sandra Denneler