How to Make Fake Pumpkins

Why spend money on real pumpkins when you can easily make a fake pumpkin craft that lasts for years?

faux pumpkin

You’ll need:

(Makes 1 faux pumpkin)

• 4"-diameter white plastic flexible dryer duct (available at hardware stores)

• Masking tape

• Newspaper or drop cloth

• Spray paint in orange and brown

• Cardboard core from a toilet paper roll (or a paper towel core, cut in half)

• 2 green pipe cleaners

• Fat marker or other cylindrical item of similar size

1. Curve vent into a doughnut shape with a small hole in the middle. Join ends together with small pieces of masking tape.

2. Working over newspaper or drop cloth in a well-ventilated area, spray-paint dryer vent orange, following manufacturer's instructions. Spray-paint cardboard core brown, spraying a little paint on inside of cylinder. Let dry.

3. Curl pipe cleaners by rolling them around a fat marker, wooden spoon handle or other cylindrical item of similar size. Leave about ¾" of one end unrolled. Remove marker and loosen curl a little.

4. Crumple cardboard core so that it resembles a stem. Insert cardboard core end into center of doughnut shape until it's snug. Insert curled pipe cleaners into center of doughnut shape, between dryer vent and cardboard core.