Make Your Own T-Shirt Design

Use sprayed bleach to create unique designs on a basic t-shirt.

Bleach-Sprayed T-Shirt

COST: $5.13

TIME: 40 min.


• Trash bag • Bleach (13¢; at mass retailers) • Water • Bucket • Spray bottle • Solid-color T-shirt or tank top ($5; at Forever 21) • Rubber gloves


1. Lay trash bag on a flat surface (pavement or a garage floor is best) in a well-ventilated area (outdoors, if possible). Lay T-shirt flat, front facing up, on top of trash bag.

2. Put on rubber gloves. Pour 1 cup bleach and 1 cup water into spray bottle; shake to mix. Spray diluted bleach on T-shirt, creating a design you like. Let the spray splatter for an allover snowy effect, or draw lines with spray for stripes. When finished, turn shirt over and repeat on back.

3. Let shirt sit for at least 15 minutes, until bleached areas are a shade you like. In the meantime, fill bucket with cold water.

4. When shirt reaches desired shade, rinse thoroughly in bucket and wring out. Wash in washing machine, either alone or with rags and other items that can be bleached. Tumble dry on low.