Create a Festive Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece

We used fresh billy balls and mums with our mini pumpkins, but if you use dried flowers, you can keep the arrangement indefinitely. Dry some yourself—hang them upside down in a warm, dark place for two to four weeks.  


Materials You Have:

  • Plastic trash bag
  • Paper plate or lid to a jar
  • Foam brush
  • Scissors
  • Disposable plastic container, about 6" diameter (we used a hummus container)
  • Knife
  • Flowers

Materials You Need:




  1. Spread trash bag over the work surface. Pour paint onto paper plate. Paint clothespins on one side and in between the handles (you can leave the other side unpainted), giving them two coats. Let dry. 
  2. Cut the lid off plastic container so that it's about 1" tall. Clip clothespins to container, arranging them close together with painted side facing out.
  3. Cut florist foam to fit inside container; top of foam should be about 1" below top of clothespins. Soak foam with water. Place foam inside container.
  4. Insert a skewer into bottom of each baby pumpkin. Arrange pumpkins in container, inserting other end of skewer into foam. Arrange flowers around pumpkins.
  5. Wrap ribbon around clothespins and tie in a bow.