This Election Day, Let Your Kids Have a Mock Election!

"Voting" for actual candidates in a realistic race is a thrill and so very grown-up.

mock election kids

Step 1: "Register" to vote
For almost 35 years, the National Student/Parent Mock Election (NSPME) project has organized a program that allows students across the country to "vote" on issues and for a selection of national candidates. Visit and click on "Enroll Now" to fill out the enrollment form with your kids. It's an excellent activity for all school-age children. Or ask your child's class or school to hold its own election.

Step 2: Get to know the contenders
Learn more about the candidates at, which shows where the politicians stand on various issues, from the U.S. economy to foreign affairs.

Step 3: Cast your ballots
Return to to vote. Select your state and electoral district (searchable by your address), then make your picks. Polls remain open until midnight on Oct. 30, about five days before the actual election.

Step 4: Check the results
Visit starting on Oct. 31 to see which candidates the young people of the Unites States liked best. You can also view updates on the actual election as it unfolds on the group's Facebook page.