Valentine's Day

Celebrate a Happy Valentine's Day with easy crafts and recipes that all say "I Love You"

Valentine's Paper Heart Crafts

Make Valentine's Day special with these three easy paper heart crafts

Paper Heart

Dress Up a Bouquet

You'll Need:

Heart-shaped paper punches, 1" and 1 1/2"

Lightweight card stock (choose colors and patterns that contrast with the flowers)

Scissors or wire cutters

18-gauge florist wire

Hot-glue gun

Bouquet of flowers in a vase (we used chrysanthemums)


1. Punch out 12 hearts, 6 small and 6 large.

2. Using scissors, cut 12 pieces of wire 7" to 8" long.

3. Bend a wire at a right angle, about ½" from the end. Glue the bent portion of wire to the back of a heart. Repeat for each wire.

4. Insert wires into bouquet. Adjust hearts so they are vertical.

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