Valentine's Paper Heart Crafts

Make Valentine's Day special with these three easy paper heart crafts

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You'll Need:

Red card stock or construction paper, 6" x 8"

1 piece each white and patterned card stock or construction paper

Heart-shaped paper punches, 1" and 1/2"


Pencil and ruler (optional)

Glue stick


1. Fold red card stock in half to form a 6" x 4" card.

2. Punch a line of 1" hearts, about 6" long, down one edge of white paper. Cut this strip from sheet, using a pencil and ruler to make it straight and even. Repeat to make a second strip. Use glue stick to attach strips to top and bottom edge of card.

3. Punch three 1½" hearts out of patterned paper. Glue hearts to center of card.

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