Valentine's Day

Celebrate a Happy Valentine's Day with easy crafts and recipes that all say "I Love You"

3 Paper Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine's Day special with these three easy paper heart crafts.

Paper Heart

Make all three of these cute and decorative Valentine's Day crafts using paper hearts.

Dangle a Chain

You'll Need:
Heart-shaped paper punches in 3 graduated sizes (the largest one we used was 2 1/2")

Lightweight card stock


Red embroidery thread



1. Punch out hearts in different sizes, cutting two identical hearts for each one that will be glued on embroidery thread. Cut thread 6" longer than desired length.

2. Attach hearts to thread, with the smallest at the top, the largest on the bottom. Apply glue to back side of two same-size hearts. Glue hearts together with thread sandwiched in between, running vertically down the center.

3. Make interlocking hearts: Punch out two large hearts. Using scissors, cut a slit halfway down the center of one heart, from the top to the middle. Cut a slit halfway up the center of the other heart, from the bottom point to the middle. Slide hearts together at the slit. (Glue thread where hearts intersect, at the center. Trim thread.)

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