Make a Festive Chinese Paper Lantern

Use these easy-to-make paper lanterns as a festive decoration for any occasion. 

chinese paper lantern image


  • Scissors 
  • Ruler
  • Construction paper, 9"x12" 
  • Stapler or tape



1. Cut a 1"-wide strip off one short side of construction paper for handle. 

2. Fold remaining construction paper in half lengthwise. Starting at folded edge, cut slits – about 1" apart – that stop 1"from other side of paper. Glue a strip of patterned paper along top and bottom edge of construction paper. 

3. Unfold paper; roll it into a tube to form lantern. Overlap edges at least 1/2". Staple or tape top and bottom corners together. Attach handle with glue or staples.