Give Plain Planters a Pretty Makeover

Tired of terra cotta planters? Try these easy, DIY makeovers that are sure to grow on you.

Aluminum Can Succulent Garden

While the star of your garden party will always be your plants, the pots deserve a little love, too. These ideas dress up boring containers and turn the most mundane items into fun, yet functional holders.

  • Turn to aluminum cans: Apply thin coats of spray paint to a set of clean cans. Once dry, drill holes into the bottom of the can for drainage, then plant your favorite succulents inside.
  • Wrap paint cans in oilcloth: Once you remove labels and make several holes in base of cans for drainage, simply measure and cut oilcloth to size and use craft glue to adhere the cloth to the can.
  • Repurpose eggshells: Save half-broken eggshells and use them as natural “starter pots” for seedlings by adding potting soil and seeds to the empty shells.
  • Paint playful designs: Breathe new life into planters by applying stencil designs or a whole new hue. Start by wiping the surface clean with a damp rag. Let dry, then apply a premium-grade all-purpose primer and paint (choose water- or oil-based). Note: Use painter’s tape to create straight lines.