Make a Halloween Pumpkin Family

Using three pumpkins of different sizes, you can make an adorable Halloween pumpkin family to greet friends at your door.     

give your pumpkins some personality with this fun craft


  • Carving knife
  • 3 pumpkins in graduated sizes
  • Large spoon
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paintbrushes: 1 round, 1 flat
  • Acrylic paint in burgundy and white
  • 8 wood craft sticks, 5/8" W (
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Pipe cleaners: 3 orange, 2 black
  • Black felt-tip marker
  • 6 table tennis balls
  • Top hat (


1. Cut stems off pumpkins. Cut a hole in bottom of each pumpkin and use spoon to hollow out. 

2. For eye sockets: Draw two circles on a pumpkin, slightly smaller than the diameter of a table tennis ball and about 2" apart. (A lid of a small jar works as a template.) Cut out circles using carving knife. Repeat on each pumpkin. Outline each socket with burgundy paint, and paint each socket's inside rim.

3. For teeth: Paint one side of craft sticks, including rounded edges, white. All to dry. Measure and mark approximately 1" from rounded end of each craft stick, making some slightly shorter and others slightly longer. To cut, score across stick several times with a craft knife, then snap at scored line. Use scissors to trim splintered ends. On each pumpkin, mark line where mouth will be with pencil. Starting with smallest pumpkin, glue a pair of craft-stick pieces so they meet at center of mouth, rounded edges pointing down. Glue one more piece on each side of first pair. Glue an orange pipe cleaner along straight edge of teeth. Follow same instructions on largest pumpkin, but add two pairs of craft-stick pieces for a total of eight teeth. For medium pumpkin, follow same instructions but with six teeth pointing up. Overlap some teeth and make some crooked.

4. Use marker to draw a black pupil on each ball. Working from inside of pumpkin, pop balls into sockets. Each pair of pupils should be lined up, but each pumpkin can look in a different direction. Secure each ball with a dab of glue, if necessary.

5. For mustache, bend a black pipe cleaner; glue to medium pumpkin. For eyebrows, cut two pieces of black pipe cleaner and bend each in middle. Glue above eyes on large pumpkin. Stack pumpkins, with largest on bottom and smallest on top. Glue together. Add top hat.