Craft a Halloween Family With Pumpkins

Use carrots, gourds and craft supplies to make this cheery Halloween family.

Pumpkin Family Craft

You’ll need:
• 4 pumpkins in graduated sizes (for heads)
• Serrated knife
• Large spoon
• 2 pumpkins small to medium size (for stands)
• Hot-glue gun
• 16 brown or blue thumbtacks
• Scissors
• 2 sheets each black, white and patterned construction paper
• Craft glue
• Vegetable peeler
• 4 small carrots
• Fishing hat
• Child-size baseball cap
• 1 skein each of brown and yellow yarn
• Hardcover book (about 8" x 6")
• 2 hair elastics (ponytail holders)
• 2 different ribbons, each 18" long
• 2 butternut squash
• 1 sheet each brown and black felt
• Jewelry wire


1. Cut a 3" circle in bottom of each pumpkin head. Scoop out pulp with a spoon.

2. MAKE STANDS: Cut both stand pumpkins in half horizontally. Discard one of the 4 halves. Cut off stems and use spoon to remove pulp. Place 3 stands on surface, cut side down. Apply a bead of hot glue around perimeter of hole on bottom of largest pumpkin head; press head onto pumpkin stand. Hold in place until secure. Repeat, leaving smallest pumpkin without a stand for boy pumpkin.

3. FOR FACES: Use thumbtacks for eyes, pushing points into pumpkin. For mouths, cut a crescent shape out of black construction paper and adhere to pumpkin with craft glue. (Make a larger crescent for boy's mouth.) For noses, use sharp end of a vegetable peeler to carve a ¾" hole in center of a pumpkin. Trim carrot to desired length; use peeler to shave it down until it fits into hole. Remove carrot from hole. Squeeze a bead of hot glue around nose hole of pumpkin. Insert carrot and hold in place until dry. Repeat for each pumpkin.

4. FOR DAD PUMPKIN: Place fishing hat on largest pumpkin and secure with thumbtacks. For shirt collar, cut 2 triangles from white paper and adhere to stand with craft glue, just under head.

5. FOR BOY PUMPKIN: Place baseball cap on smallest pumpkin. Secure with thumbtacks. Cut 2 small rectangles from white paper to make teeth. Glue onto mouth.

6. FOR MOM PUMPKIN: Wrap a strand of brown yarn 75 to 100 times lengthwise around book. Carefully remove yarn loop from book. Wrap a hair elastic around strands about 1/3 of way from one end; cut loop at opposite end. Apply hot glue to stem, then attach yarn. Wrap ribbon around hair elastic and tie in bow. For shirt collar, cut 2 semicircles of patterned paper and adhere to stand with craft glue, just below head.

7. FOR GIRL PUMPKIN: Using yellow yarn, follow same directions for mom's hair, but cut both ends of yarn loop. Apply hot glue around stem, then set longer yarn ponytail over stem with bangs in front. Wrap ribbon around hair elastic and tie in bow. For shirt collar, follow same steps as for mom pumpkin.

8. FOR DOG'S STAND: Cut 1 squash crosswise at widest point. Discard portion with stem. Place bottom portion on surface, cut side down. Carve a shallow crescent-shaped cavity; rest whole squash in it. Keep carving cavity until whole squash rests securely. Secure whole squash to stand with hot glue.

9. FOR DOG'S HEAD: Press thumbtacks into squash for eyes. For ears, cut 4 petal shapes out of brown felt. Bend a strand of jewelry wire in same petal shape but slightly smaller. Squeeze a bead of hot glue over wire and glue wire to a piece of felt. Glue a second petal on top of first, so wire is in between. Repeat for other ear. Attach ears to head using hot glue, adding a tack to each. For nose, cut a rounded triangle shape out of black felt, then cut triangle in half. Trim each half so it will fit around squash stem. Hot-glue to head.

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