Create a Cute Pumpkin Family for Halloween

This adorable pumpkin family is a fun and easy-to-make Halloween craft.

pumpkin family


  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • 6 pumpkins or Funkins ( 3 smaller ones in graduated sizes for heads and 3 larger ones in graduated sizes for bodies
  • Assortment of ribbons, buttons and yarn
  • 2 twist ties
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Small belt buckle
  • 1 small bunch natural raffia, 3" to 4" long
  • 2 pieces green felt
  • Lightweight cardboard
  • Stapler
  • Chalk
  • Button-front shirt with collar
  • Pins

1.  Cut 3 sets of eyes and 3 mouths out of black construction paper with scissors; use craft glue to attach to pumpkin heads.


2.  Tie a length of ribbon into a bow; trim ends. Center twist tie on back of bow, attach using hot-glue gun and twist around pumpkin head stem to secure bow.

3.  To make belt, thread a length of ribbon through small belt buckle, wrap around center of pumpkin body and attach in back using hot-glue gun.

4.  Secure head to body using hot-glue gun.


2.  To make hair, gather raffia bunch and secure just below one end using twist tie. Wind yarn or ribbon around twist tie until covered; tie yarn into a small bow.

3.  Apply dabs of hot glue to top of pumpkin head; gently press raffia down on glue, spreading raffia out evenly. (Raffia won’t go all the way around head.)

4.  Select a length of ribbon long enough to run vertically down front of pumpkin body; attach buttons along ribbon using hot-glue gun. Layer ribbon with buttons on top of a wider ribbon; secure with hot-glue gun. Attach to body using hot-glue gun.

5.  Secure head to body using hot-glue gun.


2.  For hat brim, cut a circle of felt 1½" larger in diameter than top of pumpkin head. Cut a 11" x 3" rectangle out of felt and cardboard. Curve cardboard into tube shape to create middle of hat; staple ends together. Wrap felt around cardboard tube and secure ends with hot glue. Place tube on felt and trace around it with chalk; cut out circle. Use hot-glue gun to attach circle to one end of tube. Center open end of tube on brim and attach with hot glue.

3.  Wrap ribbon around base of hat (just above brim); secure in back at hat seam using hot-glue gun. Attach hat to top of pumpkin head with hot glue.

4.  Cut placket and collar from a shirt. Place it over pumpkin body; pin collar in back and secure placket with hot-glue gun.

5.  Secure head to body using hot-glue gun.