How to Make a Simple Nature-Inspired Centerpiece

This simple centerpiece idea uses candles, leaves, pine cones and other natural elements.

use a platter and some candles to make this pretty thanksgiving centerpiece


  • Round tray or mirror for base 
  • Several glass votive holders 
  • Various pillar candles and votives 
  • Assorted pinecones, leaves, berries, nuts and grapes 
  • Gold spray paint, optional 
  • Gold glitter, optional

Arrange tray on table in desired place. Scatter a few leaves around tray. Place tallest candle in center of platter, surrounded by shorter candles, then add grapes, nuts, pinecones and berries around perimeter. Remember to walk around the table to decorate tray from all sides.

To make cinnamon-stick candleholder, wrap a rubber band around a juice glass. Slide cinnamon sticks between rubber band and glass until they completely encircle cup. Secure with ribbon tied in a small bow.

Turn a tiny pumpkin into a candleholder by carving out a hole just big enough for a votive. Position on tray.

For extra glitz, spray-paint some pinecones, leaves and nuts gold. While paint is still tacky, roll them in gold glitter. Let dry, then place around tray.