Make Your Own Sock Animals

Show the kids you care with these lovable, homemade sock-and-glove stuffed animals.

Sock-and-Glove Stuffed Animals

• Scissors • Sewing needle • Thread that matches socks and gloves • Fiberfill stuffing ($2 for dog, $1 for octopus; at Jo-Ann)



COST: $7.82

TIME: 1hr. 30min.

• 1 adult kneesock with at least 12″ leg ($5; • 1 adult-size knit glove (50¢; at dollar stores) • 2 straight pins • Embroidery floss in contrasting color • 1 pair white buttons, ¾″ diameter (16¢; • 1 pair black buttons, ½″ diameter (16¢


1. Keep in mind that the sock foot forms dog's nose, the heel forms back of head, and the leg forms body and hind legs. The glove is used for ears, front legs and tail. To make snout: Turn sock inside out. Measure 5″ from back of heel. Cinch fabric together and sew closed (you don't need to cut excess).

2. To make hind legs: Working with sock inside out, measure 7″ to 8″ from sole of heel up leg and mark with stickpin. Measure another 5″ from that point and cut sock straight across. Cut leg in half vertically from open end to point marked with stickpin. Sew each leg closed, starting at "paw" and working up leg. Leave crotch open.

3. Turn dog right side out. Fill with stuffing. Sew opening closed. To make front legs: Cut two long fingers from glove. Stuff and sew closed. Sew to body. To make tail: Cut thumb off glove and sew to back of dog. To make ears: Cut two fingers off glove and sew to head.

4. To finish: Sew white buttons to head; sew black buttons on top. Using embroidery floss in a contrasting color, sew toe lines on paws. To make a collar, cut off the wrist of a glove, fold cut side under and slip over head, arranging around neck.



COST: $7.02

TIME: 1 hr.

• 1 adult kneesock ($5; • 1 pair adult-size knit gloves ($1; at dollar stores) • Thread that matches glove • 1 pair colored buttons, 5/8″ to ¾″ diameter (2¢;


1. Prepare gloves and sock: Measure 2″ from base of fingers into body of glove and cut across glove to create one piece that includes all four fingers (but not thumb). Repeat with other glove. Stuff both sets of fingers. Set aside. Measure 6″ from sock toe; cut straight across. Set leg aside. Turn toe inside out.

2. Place fingers inside sock so raw edges of gloves and sock match up. Sew around edge of sock, attaching one set of fingers to one side of sock and the other set to the other side. (The octopus' face is where the two sets of fingers meet.) Turn right side out.

3. Stuff body. Take leg of sock and cut a circle slightly larger than opening on bottom of octopus. Sew circle onto body so that it covers opening. For eyes, sew buttons to face.