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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Add color to your Thanksgiving table with this tissue paper turkey craft.

paper turkey crafts

YOU'LL NEED (makes 1 turkey)

  • 1 sheet each maroon, red, orange and yellow tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • 2 orange and 1 red pipe cleaners
  • Drill
  • Dried gourd (available at amishgourds.com)
  • 2 black map tracks
  • Hammer
  1. Stack sheets of tissue paper together and fold accordion-style to crate creases. Carefully disassemble stack and refold each color of paper individually, following creases.
  2. Keeping paper folded, use scissors to round both ends of yellow paper. Repeat with orange paper, trimming more off each edge so that orange paper is slightly shorter than yellow paper. Continue with red paper trimming to make shorter than orange paper. Trim maroon paper last making sure it is slightly shorter than red paper. Unfold each paper and reassemble stack with yellow paper on bottom followed by orange, red and maroon. Refold tack into accordion, following premade creases.
  3. Secure accordion at center with orange pipe cleaner, twisting to hold in place but leaving pipe cleaner ends 1½” long. Fan out tissue paper to form a bow-tie shape. Carefully pull each layer forward to separate, working layer by layer. Fold bow tie in half where pipe cleaner cinches it, so yellow feathers meet. Holding tissue paper in one hand, bend pipe cleaner ends to form right angle. Set aside.
  4. Using small drill bit, drill hole in bottom back of gourd (to insert pipe cleaner cinch on tissue paper fan). Drill 2 holes in bottom front of gourd (for feet). Drill hole about 1½” from top of gourd (for beak) and a hole about 3/8" below for wattle.
  5. For eyes, push 2 map tacks into top front of the gourd centered above beak hole. Tap in place with hammer.
  6. Cut a 2” length of orange pipe cleaner for beak, then cut remaining piece in half for feet. Craft turkey beak by folding 2” pipe cleaner in half, twisting together and inserting into predrilled hole. Craft turkey feet by bending pipe cleaner to form three toes and inserting pipe cleaner end into predrilled hole. Repeat to make second foot. For wattle, cut 2” length of red pipe cleaner, bend into teardrop shape and insert into wattle hole, just below beak.
  7. Insert pipe cleaner ends, securing tissue paper fan into back. Fluff tissue paper to desired shape.