Make a Tin-Can Wind Chime

Use old cans and paint to create this charming wind chime.

DIY Craft: Tin-Can Wind Chime

5 or 6 tin cans in different sizes
Acrylic paint or latex wall paint
Painter's tape
10"-wide embroidery hoop
Hot-glue gun


1. Rinse cans in hot water and remove any labels. Let dry. Paint cans a solid color, applying two coats (TIP: Semi- or high-gloss paint gives cans a great shine.) Paint gemoetric designs on cans. For stripes, use painter's tape to mask off sections. Let dry.

2. Using a hammer and a nail, tap a small hole through center of a can bottom. Cut a 3' length of twice and thread through hole. Knot end inside of can. Repeat for remaining cans.

3. Tie cans to embroidery hoop using simple square knots. Space evenly around hoop. Vary lengths so they can hang at different heights. Make sure they care close enough to one another to collide when wind blows, so they will make a sound. Apply glue to each knot to keep it in place.

4. Glue one end of twine to hoop, then wrap twine around hoop until completely covered. Glue end in place. To make a hanger, cut three 2'-long pieces of twine. Tie each piece to hoop, spaced evenly around hoop. Tie pieces together in a single knot, making sure hoop hangs level.