Valentine's Day

Celebrate a Happy Valentine's Day with easy crafts and recipes that all say "I Love You"

Make a Valentine Gift Mug

Give this DIY candy-filled heart mug to someone special on Valentine’s Day.

candy mug

You'll need:

Adhesive paper
Heart-shaped paper punch
Glass mug
Etching cream
Cellophane bag
Candies of your choice
Hole punch
Pink construction paper

1. Cut a 2" square of adhesive paper, then punch a heart-shaped hole in it to create a stencil.

2. Remove adhesive-paper backing and position the stencil on the mug. Press firmly.

3. Dip paintbrush into a jar of etching cream and dab cream on the exposed heart-shaped space on the mug. Let dry for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash thoroughly.

4. Place the empty cellophane bag in the mug and fill with candy. Tie the bag closed with a ribbon. To make a gift tag for the mug, cut a heart out of pink construction paper using the paper punch. Punch a small hole in the heart and thread a ribbon through. Write your greeting to the recipient and tie the heart to the mug's handle.