Thanksgiving Wreath

Welcome guests with an autumn-inspired wreath that lasts for years.

YOU'LL NEED (makes 1 wreath)

  • Scissors 
  • 12 to 14 brown paper lunch bags 
  • 1 roll gold-colored foil 
  • 14" wire wreath form 
  • Gaffers tape 
  • Gold paint marker 
  • Fall decorations, such as pinecones, acorns, fake leaves, Chinese lantern flowers, wheat and fake fruit, like crab apples or pomegranates 
  • Hot glue gun
  1. Cut bottoms off paper bags and cut open vertically so bags lie flat.
  2. Cut bags into vertical strips about 4" wide. Twist and crumple strips slightly. Set aside.
  3. Cut 3 sections of gold foil about 18" long, then cut into vertical strips about 4" wide. Twist and crumple strips slightly. Set aside.
  4. Wrap paper bag strips around wire form, overlapping slightly; tape into place. Work your way around entire form until wire is completely covered.
  5. Wrap gold foil strips around form, overlapping slightly and covering paper bag strips; tape into place on back of wreath.
  6. Use gold marker to embellish decorations—try painting pinecone tips, acorn tops and small crab apples.
  7. Use hot glue gun to attach gilded decorations to foil-covered wreath. Let dry completely before hanging.