Use Yarn to Craft Cozy Vases

Yarn turns ordinary jars or cylinders into pretty vases with a fuzzy twist.

Yarn vase

A bouquet of asters, hyacinths or other flowers looks all the more beautiful when it's placed in a special vessel. You can complete this project in the same time it takes to arrange the blossoms.


  • Glue dots
  • Yarn
  • A drinking glass, jar or cylinder
  • Scissors
  • Beads or buttons

1. Use a glue dot to adhere one end of a skein of yarn to the glass, an inch or so from the lip.

2. Wind yarn around the glass, being careful not to overlap. Pull the yarn taut as you work, but do not stretch it.

3. When you've covered as much of the vase as you want, cut the yarn and attach the other end to the glass with a glue dot.

4. Decorate the vase with a yarn bow, or use glue dots to adhere beads or buttons, as desired.