DIY Tape Crafts That Stick Out From the Pack

Transform household objects into mini masterpieces with plain old tape in just minutes.

Duct-Tape Wallet

Some crafts require a trip to the store for a list of supplies. Not these projects! All you’ll need is a roll or two of tape from the tool drawer—plus some items that need transforming—to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • Duct-tape wallet: With scissors, duct tape and a ruler, you can make your own bifold wallet in no time flat. Just follow our detailed instructions to create the base, as well as the credit card pockets.
  • Tape vase: Use an X-acto knife to cut colored or patterned tape (we used Scotch duct tape) into strips. Apply to vase vertically, pressing firmly in place. Overlap strips at different angles while leaving sections of glass visible. Continue until you achieve a look you like.
  • Washi tape accessories: If you’re not familiar with Washi tape, let us introduce you. This strong, slightly opaque Japanese paper comes in countless bright colors and fun patterns. It’s a breeze to work with and sticks to practically anything (wood, plastic, glass). Line the edges of boxes, picture frames and flower pots to add instant appeal.
  • Painted cooler: Stand out from the crowd with a colorful cooler. Wipe it down with an ammonia-based cleaner and lightly sand the surface. Then use painter’s tape and spray paint for plastic to create custom stripes and designs.