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How to Make an Easter Felt Flower Craft

Add a whimsical touch to your Easter outfit with this cheerful felt flower craft.

How to make a felt flower

An easy-to-make felt flower makes a fabulous frill for your Easter outfit. Pin it to a bonnet or dress.


  • Cloth tape measure
  • 60"-wide bright pink felt, 1/8 yard (you will have some left over)
  • Pinking shears
  • Scissors
  • 60"-wide pale pink felt, 1/8 yard (you will have some left over)
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Small piece green felt
  • Cardboard
  • Pin backing
  • 1 piece pink grosgrain ribbon, long enough to wrap around hat (optional)

1. Cut a strip of bright pink felt, 60" x 1". Use pinking shears on one edge and regular scissors on other edge so strip has one straight and one scalloped edge.

2. Cut a strip of pale pink felt 30" x 1", using the instructions in Step 1.

3. Use scissors (not pinking shears) to cut bright pink felt strip into fringe: Cutting in from scalloped edge, make a snip at each low scallop. Leave ¼" at bottom (straight edge) so that fringe stays attached.

4. Repeat Step 3 with pale pink felt strip, also leaving ¼" at bottom.

5. Create flower's inner petals: Starting at one end, slowly roll pale pink felt fringe onto itself, using dabs of hot glue occasionally to secure in place as you roll. Make sure roll is as tight as possible and that you are rolling evenly as you go.

6. Create flower's outer petals: Roll bright pink fringe around light pink center, using dabs of hot glue occasionally to secure in place as you roll. Secure final end of bright pink fringe in place using hot glue; fluff petals outward if necessary. Set flower aside.

7. Use scissors to cut two leaf shapes out of green felt (if necessary, trace shapes with chalk before cutting).

8. Cut a circle, 2" diameter, out of cardboard. Cut two circles the same size out of dark pink felt. Glue a felt circle to each side of cardboard. Let dry. Glue pin backing to one side of felt-covered cardboard circle; glue flower to other side. To use as a hatband, pin flower to ribbon before adhering to hat with hot glue.

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