Desing a Room Inspired by the Outdoors

Give your home an outdoors-vibe with these easy decorating tips

Bring the outdoors in
  • Select a palette. Create a serene atmosphere with muted hues. Try celery-green walls and natural unbleached fabrics, as shown here. Pale yellow pillows lend a pop of color without disrupting the relaxed mood.
  • Let nature set the tone. A jute rug, pillows and an ottoman in botanical prints, leafy plants and a bowl full of fresh fruit carry out the theme. Bird figurines also fit in nicely.  For an easy splash of natural decor, check out these pillows―Ikat pillow (18"), $12, and Monstera leaf pillow (18"), $17,
  • Use a light touch. Upholstered pieces with exposed legs, white ceramic accessories and a delicate table and chair keep the look airy.