Gold, Pink and Silver Ornaments

Give your Christmas tree a girly touch with these colorful ornaments.

Make the house festive

YOU'LL NEED (makes one ornament)

  • 20mm paillettes in gold, pink and silver
  • Bowl
  • 1" pleating pins
  • 4" Styrofoam ball 3/8"-wide gold ribbon, about 10" long
  • Corsage pin (with pearl head) or gem pin

1. Mix all paillettes together in a bowl to make it easier to get a variety of colors. Pin six paillettes to ball, overlapping edges to make a closed circle. This will be the bottom of your ornament.

2. Pin paillettes so they overlap first group by half. Repeat this step until ball is completely filled.

3. To make hanger, pin one end of ribbon to top center of ball. Fold over 1" and pin again. Fold over 1" on opposite side and pin. Now make a large loop with remainder. Pin ribbon end to ball with corsage pin.