5 Smart Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

As a decorating accent, a mirror can work magic. Here are a few fresh ideas for using one—or many!—around your home.

decorative mirrors

In the kitchen:
Hang small framed mirrors under the cabinets to banish shadows. (If the backsplash is tiled, use adhesive hooks.)

Above the windows:
If your windows are low in relation to the ceiling, make the proportions seem more pleasing by mounting mirrored tiles just over the casing. Then add curtain rods above the top edge of the tiles.

Over an armoire or bookcase:
Fool the eye and make the ceiling seem higher by placing a mirror on the wall above a tall piece of furniture.

In a tight hallway or entryway:
Install a wall of mirror tiles to make the space seem bigger, then place a piece of furniture in front of them for a dramatic effect. To give the spot a warm glow, place a lamp against the tiles.

• Over the sofa:
Create the illusion of a bigger room with a new twist on a classic decorating move: Instead of a horizontal mirror, which is too common, choose a more vertical one to fill the space. Then flank the mirror with sconces or framed art in complementary materials.

Sources: Robin Henry (robinhenrystudio.com), a designer in Westport, Conn.; and Monica Pedersen, Silpada spokeswoman, HGTV host and author of Make It Beautiful: Designs and Ideas for Entertaining at Home