Easy Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Get into the yuletide spirit with our Christmas ideas. From decorations to recipes and all the crafting in between we've got you covered this holiday.

Doily Angel Christmas Decorations

Create angelic Christmas decorations using simple doilies. 

Gather a choir of angels


  • Acrylic paints in flesh tone and brown or yellow
  • Round paintbrush with fine or medium tip
  • Wooden doll heads (at kwikcrafts.com)
  • Fine-tip permanent markers in black and red
  • Wooden doll pins with flat bottom (at kwikcrafts.com)
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Scissors
  • 6"-diameter doilies in gold, silver and white (at baking-supply stores)
  • Transparent tape (optional)
  • White feathers (at craft stores)
  • Gold pipe cleaners (at craft stores)

1. Paint doll head with flesh-colored paint; let dry. Paint brown or yellow hair on doll head; let dry. Draw eyes with black marker; draw mouth with red marker.

2. Affix painted heads to wooden doll pin. Use hot glue on tip of pin if needed to secure.

3. To make doily skirt, cut straight into doily, stopping at center. At center, cut a small circle to fit around wooden pin at doll’s neck. Wrap doily around pin to form cone shape (doily should fit snugly at top). Adjust cone until desired look is achieved, and secure with hot glue or tape.

4. To make wings, cluster 2 to 3 feathers together and glue to angel’s back (seam side) so that they fan to right. Repeat on left side.

5.  To make halo, cut 4" length of pipe cleaner. Shape into a circle, leaving 1" to secure halo to head. Attach pipe cleaner to back of head with glue.