Warm Up with a Fire Pot

Add some glow and warmth to your outdoor space with these easy-to-make fire pot.

Fire pot


  • Nonflammable container (such as a ceramic or terra-cotta flower pot)  
  • Pebbles (enough to fill container)  
  • Can of Sterno  
  • Matches  
  • 1 tsp. salt


  1. Fill container about halfway with pebbles. Open can of Sterno and center on pebbles, so it is level and top of can is flush with top of container.
  2. Add more pebbles around Sterno, filling container to top. Light Sterno, then carefully add a teaspoon of salt to the can to make the flame more yellow.

NOTE: To extinguish a Sterno, always place the lid on it. Don’t try blowing out the flame.