How to Hang Pictures (Perfectly!)

Not only does artwork add to a room, but it shows off your personality too! Check out this easy-to-follow guide for hanging pictures and frames.

Hang A Picture

Hang framed items you care about―your children's drawings, your own photography or dried flowers―and showcase who you are to friends and family.

Follow these guidelines to make sure you use the proper hooks for any project.

Use a traditional picture hanger (a small hook that is nailed to the wall) if you have drywall or plaster.

Hang small, lightweight objects with a sawtooth hanger (a horizontal piece that is nailed directly into the frame).

Install a wall anchor (often called a molly) if your frames are heavy.

Use S-hooks to create a more traditional look.



  1. Trace each picture onto paper to make a template, and cut out each traced shape.
  2. If your frames have picture wire, measure the distance from the top of its arc (where the nail will hold the picture) to the top of the frame. If your pictures have sawtooth hangers instead, measure the distance from where the nail will sit to the top of the frame. Mark this distance on the paper template by measuring down from the top edge.
  3. Use a tape that is easy to remove, like painter's tape, to hang each template (markings side out). Rearrange until you are satisfied with your grouping.
  4. Hammer nails and picture hooks into the marks you made, rip the paper templates off the wall, and hang your pictures. To keep frames straight, put a small piece of Fun-Tak (sold at craft stores) on the back of each corner.