DIY Backyard Lantern

Light up your backyard with this delightful, DIY lantern!

Outdoor lanterns


  • Scissors  
  • Rolls or sheets of crepe paper in yellow, green and gray  
  • Ruler  
  • 3 8½" x 11" sheets glassine paper per lantern  
  • Craft glue  
  • Small dish  
  • Toothpick  
  • Tweezers  
  • Double-sided tape  
  • 3 5-oz. cans, empty and clean (such as tuna cans)  
  • Scotch tape  
  • 1 yard gray ribbon (1½" wide)
  • Glue gun  
  • 3 tap lights


  1. Cut crepe paper into squares, about ¾" x ¾". For each color, you’ll need about 45 squares. Mix colors together.
  2. Cut three pieces of glassine paper: 4" x 11", 5" x 11" and 6" x 11".
  3. Lay a piece of glassine on table. Pour glue onto a small dish. Dip one end of toothpick into glue. Make a small dot of glue on glassine. Use tweezers to pick up a crepe paper square and place on dot of glue. Repeat, working in rows and leaving ¼" between squares. Continue until glassine is covered, occasionally turning glassine over (crepe paper side down) and pressing flat. Let dry.
  4. With squares facing up, attach three small pieces of double-sided tape at even intervals along 11" edge of a piece of glassine.
  5. Wrap glassine around a can, squares facing inward. Press to adhere tape to can. Close seam with small piece of Scotch tape at bottom, middle and top edges.
  6. Cut a 12" length of length of ribbon and attach three small pieces of double-sided tape to it at equal intervals. Wrap ribbon around glassine-covered can along bottom edge. Use hot glue to secure at seam. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for other two lanterns. Turn on tap lights and drop one into each lantern.