Pick the Best Paint Color

Picking a paint color is a big decision. Make sure you make the right one with these professional tips.

How to pick paint colors

Pick a pretty paint color for your home with these helpful tips that will help you make your decision:

  • When selecting paint chips, gather variations of every color you like—pale, saturated, plus cooler and warmer tones.
  • Deep, highly saturated shades tend to draw the walls inward, while neutrals make a room seem bigger.
  • Lots of light washes out colors, so you might want to try a more saturated shade for a room with many windows.
  • Use painter’s tape to hang the chips on the wall of the room you plan to paint, then make a point of looking at them at different times of day.
  • Narrow down your selection to two or three colors, then purchase sample pots in those hues. Paint 3-foot squares on the wall with each color. Invite friends over to share their opinions, then make a decision.