Icicle Ornaments

These faux-crystal pipe-cleaner creations won't melt, no matter how warm and cozy it is inside.

Make your own sparkling icicles

YOU'LL NEED (makes one icicle)

  • Three 12" silver pipe cleaners (at craft stores)
  • #19 knitting needle
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Clear acrylic gem (at craft stores)

1. Lay two pipe cleaners end-to-end, overlapping about 2". Twist together to create a 20" length. Wrap snugly around knitting needle, creating a spiral shape, then carefully slide off.

2. Take remaining pipe cleaner and insert through middle of spiral. Twist end of straight pipe cleaner and end of spiral pipe cleaner together at the top, about 1". Using pliers, bend into a hook shape.

3. Gently pull spiraled pipe cleaners down to make level with end of straight pipe cleaner.

4. Attach acrylic gem to end of straight pipe cleaner, twisting to secure.