Make room for a vanity

Find your own space with this home project

Live the good life for less

Having a special spot where you can apply makeup and accessorize an outfit adds an element of relaxation to your hectic household. All you need is a small table or desk, a comfortable chair and the following items: 

  • A mirror. A tri-fold model like this one lets you see yourself from a variety of angles. Other possibilities include a wall-mounted style on a folding arm, so you can move it as close to you as you like.
  • Proper lighting. The wall sconces shown here provide ample wattage, and don’t take up precious space on the vanity.
  • Organizers. Having everything just where you want it makes a vanity feel like an indulgence. Use trays for cosmetics, and store larger items in drawers. Decorative boxes are great for accessories.
  • Jewelry storage. Hanging jewelry on the wall is convenient and makes an attractive decorative display. Drape necklaces from pretty brackets, like the leafy design shown here, or use decorative knobs.
  • Personal items. Make the space your own by adding possessions that bring you joy, such as fresh flowers, a journal or framed photos.