Easy Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Get into the yuletide spirit with our Christmas ideas. From decorations to recipes and all the crafting in between we've got you covered this holiday.

An Ornament Display

Show off your prettiest (and maybe mis-matched) ornaments with this easy-to-make mantel display.

Set the mantel aglow


  • 4" ring
  • Wire cutters
  • 16 gauge medium- stiff wire
  • 1 10" ornament
  • 18–24 2¾"–3" ornaments
  • 12–18 1½" ornaments
  • Premade bow, about 8" wide

1. Find a place to hang swag while you work on it (try a doorknob or a spot near where you intend to display it when it’s finished).

2. Start by hanging ring. Approximate how long you want finished swag to be, add 4" to that measurement and cut a wire that length. Thread wire through loop of 10" ornament and twist end. Twist other end around ring.

3. Measure distance from bottom of ring to top of ornament, add 4", and cut 18 to 24 wires that length. Cut an additional 12 to 18 wires half as long as previous group. Thread long wires through loops of 2¾" to 3" ornaments; thread short wires through loops of 1½" ornaments.

4. Build swag up from top of large ornament, starting with larger ornaments, attaching each wire to ring as you go. Layer on more ornaments to give swag depth, arranging them to hide wires of previous layer. About 10" from ring, begin adding 1½" ornaments; continue until you achieve a shape similar to a bunch of grapes; fill in as necessary to hide wires.

5. Cut a 12" length of wire and thread through back of bow. Wire bow to ring, arranging it so that it hides last few inches of wire. Hang in place, adding extra balls as necessary to achieve desired look.