Bejeweled Satin Ornaments

Add some extra sparkle to the tree with these glitzy ornaments. 

Bedeck the ornaments


  • Satin-covered Styrofoam balls (at craft stores)
  • Gem pins (at craft or floral stores)
  • Straight pins
  • Assortment of decorative items, including rhinestone ribbon, metallic trim and pendants (beads pre-strung on wire)
  • Bead caps
  • Measuring tape ¼"-wide plain satin ribbon, about 10" long per ornament

1. Most designs consist of horizontal or vertical stripes, so start by marking top and bottom of ornament with a gem pin (satin grain runs vertically, so find point where grain meets).

2. Decorate ornaments as desired. Use straight pins or gem pins to hold ribbon and trim in place. Designs shown here include a single band of rhinestone ribbon around circumference, metallic trim and gem pins around circumference, vertical stripes of gold trim with a dangling pendant pinned to the bottom, and alternating vertical stripes of rhinestone ribbon and gem pins.

3. When finished with design, remove gem pin from bottom, thread a bead cap onto it and re-insert.

4. To make ribbon hanger, cut 10" of satin ribbon. Remove gem pin from top. Using straight pins, pin one end of ribbon to top center of ball. Fold over 1" and pin again. Fold over 1" on opposite side and pin. (The two loops should resemble a bow.) Now make a large loop with remainder. Pin ribbon end to ball with gem pin.