Craft a Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece

Make your holiday table festive with this traditional Thanksgiving cornucopia.

Craft a centerpiece


1. In a ventilated area, lightly mist the exterior of empty cornucopia with spray paint; let dry. Spray nuts with gold paint until completely coated; let dry.

2. Cut stems off wheat stalks and discard. Insert cut end of wheat tip into inner edge of cornucopia opening and wrap around to outer edge. Secure with glue. Repeat around the entire opening, leaving 1" of space between each wheat tip.  

3. Cut the stems off baby's breath and discard. Use baby's breath to fill space between wheat tips, weaving it into the cornucopia opening and securing with glue.

4. Fill in with small clusters of orange berries until rim is covered. Secure with glue.

5. Fill back half of cornucopia using tissue paper or old newspaper.  

6. Add fruits and vegetables, starting at the lowest part of cornucopia. Begin by placing grapes, then add lychee nuts. Position the largest items (here, the artichoke) at the center of the opening.


  • Remove the wheat, dried flowers and berries from the opening of the cornucopia.  
  • Soak a square of Oasis floral foam ( and place inside the cornucopia.  
  • Insert assorted flowers into the foam. Finish with small ornaments and a bunch of currants.