What You Need in Your Trunk to Fix a Flat Tire

Be prepared for a flat tire by gathering these basic tools and equipment and stashing them in the trunk of your car this weekend.

Put together a flat-tire trunk kit

Buy these at a home improvement store:

  • Jack: Lifts one side of your car off the ground
  • Lug wrench: Loosens the lug nuts holding your tire in place

Make sure you've got these in your car:

  • Spare tire: A temporary tire meant to get you to a mechanic
  • Car manual: Often includes tire-changing tips and model-specific instructions
  • Two bricks: Or "wheel chocks," small wedges to keep the car in place while it's jacked
  • Flares or triangles: Warn oncoming traffic that there's an upcoming car on the side of the road
  • Large screwdriver: Only needed for tires with wheel covers
  • Flashlight and extra batteries: Good to have on hand in case you get a flat when it's dark out