Hang ice skate stockings

Hang ice skates


  •  Fabric marker
  •  ½ yard felt
  •  Scissors
  •  Straight pins
  •  Needle and thread
  •  3" × 16" piece of fake fur
  •  Metallic pipe cleaner
  •  Fabric glue
  •  Yarn and needle

1. Draw a skate pattern in the size you need. Trace it on felt with marker twice and cut out.

2. Pin skates together right-side in and sew with a ½" seam. Remove pins. Turn right-side out; iron.

3. Cut a ¾" × 6" strip of felt, fold in half and stitch to upper back corner of stocking to make a loop.

4. Measure circumference of stocking opening, add 1" and cut fake fur to that measurement.

5. Fold fur in half lengthwise (inside out). Stitch short ends together, leaving a ½" seam. Turn strip right-side out and place it over top of stocking; stitch in place.

6. Form blade shape from pipe cleaner. Glue onto front of stocking.

7. Cut 2' of yarn and stitch onto side of stocking as laces; tie ends into a bow.