How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Wondering how to manage all the ornaments you've accumulated through the years? Use these simple tips to learn how to decorate your Christmas tree.

tips on how to decorate your christmas tree

1. Sort it out
Divide your collection into categories, like vintage, handmade, novelty, plain balls and other shapes. Set aside any ornaments that are broken or look worn. Keep in mind: You’ll need about 75 pieces for a 7-foot tree. If you have a lot more, pare down now, before you start trimming.

2. Set the tone
A little color coordination goes a long way. If one or two hues dominate your collection, focus on those. Have a hodgepodge? Buy a set of simple ornaments in red or silver and hang them deep in the branches.

3. Hang Loose
Working with one category of ornaments at a time, distribute pieces evenly around the tree, so your vintage balls will be well mixed with your kids’ art projects. Try to spread around colors and shapes, too. Hang ornaments near the tips of branches so they dangle freely.

4. Add a finishing touch
Use one final element to pull together everything. Icicle or snowflake ornaments add a distinctive shape. Clear-glass pieces add bling without being overwhelming. For an inexpensive fix, choose a pretty ribbon and use it to tie a dozen or so bows onto the tips of every few branches.

Ornament overload?
Consider having more than one tree. Set up a tabletop tree for just handmade decorations, for instance, or arrange one for only treasured heirlooms.

Source:Dennis Bliss, showroom designer, Kurt S. Adler Inc.