Go Green In Your Yard and Save

Make the most of nature's resources. Go green in your backyard and watch your savings grow!

Woman gardening

You can cut costs by going green in your outdoor space with these easy tips.

Power up with the sun: Spend less on outdoor electricity by replacing floodlights and garden lanterns with solar-powered options, which require only the sun’s energy.

Water wisely: Grass needs only about one inch of water per week to thrive, and even less if you water it early in the morning (so the sun doesn’t evaporate as much moisture).

Grow your groceries: Lettuces, herbs and vine vegetables (such as tomatoes) are the most cost-efficient crops. (August is the month to replant for a fall lettuce harvest.) Or invest in a mature fruit tree, which can produce about 200 pounds of produce (worth about $200) a season.

Switch to native: Slash watering costs by changing to trees and plants that are indigenous to your area. Some don’t need any watering. Find local recommendations at wildflower.org/plants.

Make your own compost: Start a compost heap with produce scraps, coffee grounds and eggshells as well as grass clippings and leaves. Your gardens will thank you next year. Get started at allyou.com/compost.

Prevent pests: Avoid extermination costs by sealing exterior cracks, trimming trees and shrubs so they don’t touch your house, and installing exterior-door sweeps.