Buy a Greener Appliance

Are you in the market for a new kitchen appliance? Try searching for something greener to help save the enrivonment and some money.

refrigerator shopping

Considering a new refrigerator? Think about:
1. Size. What suits your needs? Too big and you’ll cool extra space; too small and it’ll be overcrowded, the air won’t circulate properly and it’ll take more energy (and money) to cool.
2. Defroster. A model with a manual defrost, uses significantly less energy (and money) than one with an automatic defroster.
3. Features. Skip ice makers and door dispensers, which consume extra energy.

Considering a new oven? Think about:
1. An electric model. Electric ovens are more efficient than gas ones, because gas ovens need fans for ventilation.
2. New technologies. Some convection ovens, or light-energy ovens, use tungsten and halogen lights to help cook the food.
3. Your true needs. If you don’t bake, then a microwave or toaster oven may make more sense.

Check out for a list of products ranging from computers to dishwashers that have been awarded the Energy Star seal.