Go Green Around the House

Make every room eco-friendly by following these 13 go-green tips!

Go green around the house


Size Matters
When cooking on the stove top, make sure your pan or pot match the size of the burner. Using a small pan on a large burner wastes energy

Go Glass!
Cooking a casserole or a batch of brownies? Use a glass pan. Since glass retains heat, you can set your oven 25 degrees lower, which saves energy.

Clean Your Oven!
This may not be top on your to-do list, but cleaning your oven helps your food cook more efficiently, which will save energy, time and money.

Fill Up Your Fridge 
A less-than-full fridge has to work harder to stay cold than one that's completely stocked. If some shelves are bare, stash some water bottles or rolled up newspaper on them to help maintain efficiency.

Take the Temperature
Keeping your fridge and freezer colder than necessary can increase your energy consumption and your bills. Your fridge should be set between 37°F and 40°F, the freezer between 0° and 5°F.