Go Green Around the House

Make every room eco-friendly by following these 13 go-green tips!

Go green around the house


Chose a Smart Cord
Even when you turn off the TV at night, it’s still using electricity. So instead of plugging it into a wall outlet, opt for a smart power cord outlet ($40 at OfficeMax.com). The outlet senses when the TV is off, and then turns off on it’s own.

Hit the Lights
Unless you live in an underground dungeon (and we hope you don’t), your lights don’t need t be super bright. By installing a dimmer, you use less energy, which cuts electricity cost by 4 to 9 percent, depending on how dim you go.

Let the Sun Shine
Feeling a little chilly? Before you turn up the temperature, try pulling back the curtains. The sun’s natural light either warms you up enough that you won’t need the heat, or can keep you from turning it up too much.

Seal it Up
Before the winter winds hit, go through the house and seal up any cracks with caulk or weather-stripping. This will keep your house warm and save you some serious money.