Easy Ways to Recycle Electronics

Instead of throwing away old electronics, recycle them and save some major money.

Cell phones

Don’t throw away that old laptop, cell phone or MP3 player! The sites below provide free shipping to recycle electronics. If the device is worth something, they send you the item’s cash value.

Get a check

  • Sell empty ink-jet and laser toner cartridges at advantagecartridge.com.
  • Send old phones to greenphone.com.
  • Recycle a wide variety of electronics at yourenew.com, which also donates to renewable energy initiatives or plants a tree for every device you recycle.

Get a gift card

  • Gazelle.com also recycles camcorders, digital cameras, movies and video games. You can save a trip to the bank by opting to receive your payment as a gift card, redeemable at amazon.com.


Get instant gratification

  • Take your musical instruments, video games and select electronics into a local participating Best Buy and receive a gift card for the product’s estimated value or a check for a lesser value.

Bonus Tip: Save money and reduce waste by purchasing a reconditioned or refurbished gadget instead of a new one at secondipity.com or refurbdepot.com.