Save the Earth Every Day

You don't have to wait till some day in April to save the earth. Follow these tips to protect our environment every day.

See the light

Recycle the easy way
Make a point to do it and it’ll become second nature.

Return soda cans and bottles to the store or recycling center. Check to see if you can get money back for the can or bottle; save the extra money in a jar for a family treat. If not, recycle them.

Donate plastic shopping bags. They make handy poop-and-scoop bags at veterinary clinics, animal rescue organizations and dog parks. If you can’t find someone who wants a donation, bring your bags back to the grocery store for recycling. Better yet―buy reusable cloth shopping bags.

Dispose of batteries properly. Batteries that are tossed in the trash end up in landfills, where they spill lead and acid into the ground or pollute the air with noxious chemicals if they are burned. Call 800-822-8837 to find a drop-off center in your area.

“I compost all my ‘green’ food waste in my backyard. It gives me nutrient-rich soil for my potted plants and garden.”―Amber Novak, Austin, Texas