9 Smart Ways to Use Citrus Peels Around the House

Who knew you could do all this with leftover citrus peels? Hang on to your lemon and orange peels and use them around the house with these smart money-saving ideas.

New uses for citrus peels around the house

1. Eat the zest (it's good for you!): Citrus peels contain limonene, a chemical that helps lower the risk of some cancers. Top soups and salads with orange zest (about one whole orange’s worth a week) to reap the benefits. You can also save zest by covering it with water in an ice cube tray and freezing: add the zesty cubes to beverages for flavor, or defrost and drain to use the zest in recipes.

2. Create a homemade air freshener: Bake some orange peels in the oven for a few minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The citrus will freshen the air naturally (this is a great tactic if you’ve burned something in the oven).

3. Upgrade a regular cup of tea: Dry lemon or orange peels and add them to a cup of tea to lend a boost of citrus flavor.

4. Clean a dirty garbage disposal: Place some lemon peels and ice into the garbage disposal. Run the cold water, and then switch on the disposal. The lemon peels will help remove odors, and the ice will get rid of waste and sharpen the blades.

5. Make stove top potpourri: For another natural air freshening method make stove top potpourri by tossing citrus peels in a pot of hot water and boiling to fill your home with an invigorating scent.

6. Save peels to make candied lemon or orange peels: Here's a delicious recipe our editors swear by.

7. Make homemade lemon pepper seasoning: Conserve lemon zest and mix it with salt and pepper to make a delicious DIY seasoning for fish or poultry.

8. Clean with citrus peels: Citrus peels are a great ingredient in many homemade cleaning products. We love this DIY orange vinegar cleaner recipe from HomemadeMommy.net.

9. Protect your garden. Keep pets and pests away from your plants by sprinkling a mixture of coffee grounds and orange peels on the soil.