10 Genius New Uses for Old Pantyhose and Stockings

Got a run in your stocking? No problem! There are lots of ways to put an old pair of pantyhose or stockings to good use! 

new ways to use old pantyhose and stockings

When it's time to retire your pantyhose from your lingerie drawer, set them aside—they come in handy for all sorts of things. Here are our top ten favorite things to do with an old pair of stockings.

1. Make a dusting tool: Nylon is a talented dust magnet, so put that talent to good use by turning an old pair of pantyhose into a tool for cleaning underneath the refrigerator, sofa, and other hard-to-reach spots: Cut a leg off the pantyhose, then stuff it with the remaining leg and panty. Insert a handle—a broomstick or dowel rod—and secure it with rubber bands. Now you’re ready to tackle your chores quickly and easily.

2. Clean the bathroom: Wad a pair of old pantyhose into a ball and use it to clean soap scum off of bathroom surfaces. The nylon is mildly abrasive, but won’t scratch tile surfaces.

3. Scrub pans: The same method works on pots and pans, and it won’t harm non-stick coatings.

4. Upgrade your broom: Cover the bristles with a stocking—your broom will pick up lint, dust, pet hair, and all kinds of things the bristles may have missed, like a DIY Swiffer.

5. Make floors shine: Roll a bath towel, then cover the roll with a stocking. Use it to buff wooden floors.

6. Make shoes shine: Use a rolled-up pair of stockings to polish and buff leather shoes—you’ll be impressed by the results!

7. Store wrapping paper: Protect your wrapping paper rolls and store them neatly by covering each in a nylon leg.

8. Ward off musty smells: Pour some kitty litter into the foot of a stocking and tie it closed. Place it in luggage before storing.

9. Save the waistbands! Use them as huge rubberbands, perfect for holding together stacks of magazines or newspapers, or for closing a bag of potting soil.

10. Break up ice dams: If winter storms create ice dams on your roof, try this trick: Cut the legs off a few pairs of pantyhose and discard the panty portions. Fill a 1’ section with Calcium Chloride or rock salt and tie off. Place the filled stockings on the roof, perpendicular to the gutter. The stocking will melt a channel that leads to the gutter, helping  water flow off the roof.

11. Wear them like Spanx: Cut both legs off just above the knee, and presto! You have a shaper to wear underneath pants or skirts.